Monday, November 29, 2010

Golden Dreams: The Story of the Chemically burned "Tea"

For the cops: Anything I ever say is not true, dont take anything to heart and also get a new job, fuck you. thanks for the bullshit cell phone tickets.

For the stoners: 
                           I dont normally sell Tea, there isnt much profit in it and where im from it is extremely abundant. I was telling my friend the other day that every one and their mother grows Tea in Northern California, but this oppurtunity was to good to pass up. My buddy hits me up and says that he had a pound of indoor Tea that got chemically burned in the final stages of it growing, because of this the tea instead of being green is a golden color,  and he is looking to get rid of it. So I do what any money hungry greedy fuck would do and I hit up this other guy I know "yo bro I got this fire indoor tea for sale its this new special strain called Golden Dream". He was all excited because of the good price on this special Tea. Without delving into details he purchased it all and I thought that was the last I would hear of this. But it wasnt.

Two days later I went to go hang out with that same guy I had sold it to and some girls, he lives in college dorms and as soon as I walked into the hallway the stench of burning tea was clearly there, and I walked by rooms and peeked in seeing people breaking up, none other, than golden dream. It was a hit, everyone was talking about it like it was the new cool thing to do. I walked into my friends room and there he was sitting there with a huge grin on his face, literally counting money.

This is not a story about me, or tea. This is a story about the modern day sucker. People will do anything as long as they know other people approve of it, and what that hallway approved of was Golden Dreams. chemically burnt, shitty, overpriced, probably unhealthy for them, Tea.


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